Welcome! I'm Nicholas Glassborow affectionately known to most as "Nick G", a seasoned project and program management professional whose journey through the tech, education, financial, and audio/visual sectors has been as varied as it has been rewarding. With a career that spans two decades, I've had the privilege of leading transformative projects that not only pushed the boundaries of innovation but also delivered tangible results in cost savings, efficiency, and operational excellence.

My path has taken me from the dynamic world of AV project engineering, where I ensured the seamless integration of IT and AV equipment into educational institutions, to spearheading digital transformation initiatives in the education sector with Nexus Associates. At Mood Media, I managed the rollout of networked audio/visual solutions across a national estate, enhancing in-store customer experiences through digital signage and music.

Transitioning to the financial sector, I served as a Business Change Project Manager at the Family Building Society. Here, I led SaaS implementations, IaaS migrations, and a suite of complex projects that not only navigated regulatory landscapes but also set new benchmarks in project management excellence.

My journey led me to RM plc, where I embraced the challenge of delivering large-scale, cloud-hosted digital platforms, engaging with multinational teams to facilitate transformative change. This role honed my skills in stakeholder management, strategic planning, and driving business transformation across global landscapes.

At the start of 2024, I took on the role of Chief of Staff at Sliide, transitioning from Program Manager, where I now channel my extensive experience into strategic planning and execution, project and program management, and stakeholder engagement. This position allows me to leverage my diverse background to support the executive team, streamline operations, and contribute to the company's strategic direction.

My career is a testament to adaptability, problem-solving, and a deep commitment to achieving excellence in every project I undertake. It reflects my belief in the power of collaboration, strategic foresight, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. I look forward to continuing to explore new horizons, pushing boundaries, and contributing to meaningful change.

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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to inspire, engage, and collaborate with like-minded professionals and organisations to create a future that is as exciting as it is promising.

Skills I am employ day to day...

Given the diverse assignments that find their way to me I am required to have a diverse skillset available - this skill set includes the following...

Strategic Alignment

My role often involves aligning business objectives with project delivery, where I translate strategic plans into actionable goals. This includes working on projects across various sectors to meet and align with strategic objectives.

Project & Program Management

My experience includes managing a range of projects and programs, from IT infrastructure upgrades to business transformations, focusing on delivering

these within set timeframes and budgets. An example includes coordinating a cloud-hosted digital platform project involving global teams.

Team Leadership & Development

My approach to leadership is centered around team empowerment and collaboration. I have experience in leading diverse teams, focusing on equipping team members with necessary tools and confidence. This includes mentoring project teams to enhance their operational effectiveness.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building strong relationships with stakeholders at various levels is a key part of my role. I focus on clear communication and mutual respect, ensuring that stakeholder inputs are considered in decision making.

Operational Efficiency

Improving operational processes for efficiency and productivity has been a recurring aspect of my work. This has involved analysing and refining processes, such as improving PMO processes at a financial institution to enhance project delivery times.

Risk & Change Management

I employ strategies for proactive risk identification and mitigation, coupled with a flexible approach to change management. This helps in guiding teams smoothly through organisational changes and adapting to market shifts.

Methodological Adaptability

I am versed in various methodologies like PRINCE2, Agile, and Six Sigma, and adapt these to the unique requirements of each project. This flexibility allows for the optimal application of methodologies to achieve project objectives.

Technical Liaison

My role often involves acting as a bridge between technical teams and strategic decision-makers, translating technical details into actionable business insights, especially in technology-driven projects.

Business Transformation

I have been involved in driving business transformation initiatives in response to regulatory changes. My focus is on aligning these operational changes with the strategic goals of the business.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a key focus in my professional approach, where I look for ways to enhance processes and encourage innovation. This has led to improvements in operational efficiencies and the development of a culture of ongoing learning.

Areas of Interest...

So who am I?

Now you know what I can do, let me tell you who I am.....

First and foremost I am a father to two sons; Luke and Eddie. Becoming a father changed my life giving me more focus and drive than ever before. It defines me. 

Not only do I work to provide the best I can for them but I also work very hard to leave a legacy for them and to encourage them to want to go on and do better than me. I want to set the highest bar I can and do all I can to encourage them to set their own high bars.

I am fortunate to come from a family where good examples go back generation by generation. I come from a line of hard workers and though the tools I use may be different to theirs I aim to keep their work ethic.

My career has not been without it's challenges, my philosophy being; that we should not allow our past to define our future and without adversity and change, we do not evolve. I believe there is opportunity in every challenge. We should never sell ourselves short.

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